FAKS Allied Health Education Patient Care Technician

PCTs work under the supervision of nursing or medical staff to provide basic patient care. Patient Care Technicians perform clinical skills such as blood collection, EKGs, catheterization, recording vital signs etc.

PCT's Patient care techs check in patients, get patient histories, check vital signs, setup charts, coordinate test procedures, assist patient before medical procedures, change bandages. Other tasks include moving patients, keeping medical supplies fully in stock and ready for use.

This program introduces C.N.A.s to more advanced nursing and clinical skills. Students will learn and demonstrate these skills, which include.

  • » Venipuncture & EKG
  • » Clinical Laboratory Procedures
  • » Catheterization
  • » After the successful completion of the Patient Care Technician National Certification testing, students will receive a certification in Patient Care Tech, Phlebotomy, & EKG.
  • » Office Procedures
  • » Use of Medical Terminology

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