Faks Allied Health Education Pharmacy Technician

This Course familiarizes students with the skills needed in dispensing and controlling of medication in hospitals and retail pharmacies. Pharmacy technicians play an important role � when a prescription is received, the pharmacy technician checks the prescription, completes the insurance information, labels the bottle, measures the medication and pours it. Upon completion of the medical prescription, the pharmacist will double-check the medicine for any errors in measurement, count, or labeling. The pharmacy technician assists the head pharmacist, but the final word always comes from the pharmacist.

Students will learn and demonstrate the following skills:

  • Properly Fill Prescriptions
  • Legal and Ethical Pharmacy Practices
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Ordering and Billing of Supplies
  • Labeling medicine bottles
  • Organizing the medication on the shelves
  • Keeping count of all medication to ensure an all-day supply

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